Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Stress and sightseeing...

It's been a strange few weeks... I've been continuing with my Unravelling course which has thrown up some major knots and tangles to think about. All stuff I need to face and deal with....Hmmmm!
Had a bit of a minor meltdown which has resulted in me being diagnosed with a stress related illness.. I pity the poor doctor that had to deal with me on a very bad day!
Still, on the positive side I've had some interesting visits out.... I went down to Portsmouth to see the Warrior and Victory. The Mary Rose is sadly closed at the mo - awaiting the relaunch of the brand new visitor centre. However, my ticket is valid for a year so I plan to go back. The day involved a brisk walk along the sea front which was well needed. The ships were amazing - similar in lots of ways but both with their own charm. Of course, Victory is the ship on which Nelson died. The spot is marked with a brass plaque. They also tell you about another crew member killed on the same spot - cut in half by the gunfire and his body thrown overboard rather than being preserved in brandy!

I also spent a weekend away with DH to celebrate his birthday. We stayed in Midsomer Norton... sounds lovely but in reality not so wonderful. Highlight was the Centurion themed hotel. The poor staff looked a little bemused by our Monty Python comments in the bar.. 'Fwiends of Wome' etc etc. I guess they'd probably heard it before.
In a new twist the bedside table contained not only the obligatory Gideon Bible but also a book on Buddha. I refrained from signing them ('all the best, love God').

During the visit we went to see the Bishops Palace and Cathedral at Wells.

The Cathedral and well as seen from the Bishops Palace.

Both places were fabulous. The Cathedral was breathtaking - we did go inside and I was truly amazed.
We didn't see where the Bishop of Bath and Wells ate his babies though... they didn't mention it in the guidebook either. Maybe Blackadder knew something they didn't! :-)

On the Sunday we visited Farleigh Hungerford Castle, built in the 14th C. Now I love a good castle and this was definately a good one! There were stories of ladies locked in towers and wives murdering husbands and burning their bodies in furnaces.... to top it off they had a crypt with some rare human shaped lead coffins. Apparently previous visitors had poked holes in the lead with sticks to reach the embalmed bodies within. Not only that but they TASTED it too! I feel the cafe missed out on a trick here... but never fear, I left a suggestion in the box!

In other news I took receipt of my Diana F+ camera - a plastic fantastic 120 creation. They are enjoying a cult revival (see 'expensive'). I got mine for free and have been tryng it out. I got the first film back today. They bask in their simplicity and strange effects. I was pretty pleased with the results so far!

White Horse Hill

In the Garden

Well - here's to less stress and more creativity. And more castles...!