Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Projects and Creepy Dolls.

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying desperately to fit some interest and creativity into a very busy time.... I'll admit that my secret aim to take at least one photograph a day to put on Instagram has failed somewhat. Even my journaling has been a little hit and miss, some days with only a few lines, some days of furiously scribbled rantings and ravings :-S

However, here I am... ready and inspired!

I have seen an idea on Instagram where someone has done an alphabet tour of their (very beautiful) home - what a cool idea! Now, I don't think I could manage a whole tour of my home like this. I'm sure there's only so many stuffed creatures you guys can take. But I did think I could do an alphabet tour of things I like, just for fun! In truth, I quite like having a prompt for each day, it gives me a focus....
I will post these pics on Instagram #alphabetofme but will copy some on here too! (At least, that's the plan!)

We welcomed a new, non stuffed, addition to the household on Friday. During a mostly unsuccessful tour of some charity shops I came across these two beauties.

Hans and Leise... we can dance you know!

I have a largish collection of costume dolls in a box under my bed (shameful, I know) and these just made me laugh. In a creepy way... Imagine my delight when I got them home, took them out of their boxes and discovered they both had keys, you could wind them up and they danced!!!
Well, dance is possibly stretching the truth a little. They vibrate. A lot. It's really quite strange, especially if you put them together. I'm sure you can imagine.......

Still, a little light relief at the end of what has been quite a week was most welcome!

Wednesday, 2 October 2013


My Great Aunt Babs passed away recently. We attended her funeral this week and I have to say I think we were all quite shocked by the poor eulogy.
So I thought I might add a few words here.. not sure if it's the right place but it feels like the right thing to do..

I remember she used to make the best cakes ever. And there was always so much to eat! "go on, have another bit!" The table was always spread with proper cups and saucers, side plates, cakes presented on china and pristine table cloths. Now I know where I get it from :-)
Her kitchen was quirky - dominated by a huge 1930's cupboard then down some wicked stone steps to the sink.The dog used to have his bed alongside the huge fireplace. There was a set of shelves with so many photographs of all the children in the family! The rest of the bungalow was pure vintage - from the wallpaper to the picture rails, the black and white bathroom with high up cistern and pull chain. Everything was beautiful and in it's place but still she made it comfortable and welcoming. I remember she had a hubbly bubbly pipe by the fireplace in the living room which always seemed a bit exotic and exciting! This room was where I best remember Uncle George, her husband, sitting on the stuffed chair and chatting to us.
Babs was always dressed nicely - nothing fancy but practical and smart. I know she worked really hard and was willing to have a go at anything. The garden was big and she did much of it herself for as long as she could. I remember exploring the garden as a child - the heavy soil with huge stones, the trees, the hedges to hide behind, the greenhouse, all of it an adventure!
I used to stay with my Uncle in High Wycombe during the school hols and a visit to Babs was always part of the week. We would get the bus, then walk part of the way. We would visit the school in the village for me to play on the hopscotch whilst the school was closed - it seemed a little strange, a bit like trespassing but huge fun! Just us and the whole playground!

I remember Babs had a lovely sense of humour - was a truly wonderful lady and will be missed a great deal. If I can grow older with only half her grace and tenacity then I will consider myself blessed indeed.

Flora Kate Pearce - 'Babs'    8th June 1919 - 14th September 2013