Saturday, 31 October 2015

Today I am choosing to be happy!

Oh my goodness so much has changed in my life since my last post (which was about 100 years ago, I know!)

There have been some fairly major upheavals at work which are now beginning to settle down. I am looking forward to getting properly stuck into my new role as Programme Manager, lots to do and lots to learn!

Combine this with the fact I have also ‘lost’ two children over the last 2 months, one to University and one to begin his Army training and maybe you can see where this is going....

The uncertainty at work, and the huge changes at home have had a big knock-on effect on my life. Creativity has been at an all time low – I have not Instagrammed, blogged or taken many pictures at all. Crafting has been relegated to bottom of my list of priorities and I have even struggled to keep up a regular yoga practice (and don’t even ask about the gym!!!) The allotment and garden have probably seen their least attention in ages which has rightly resulted in rubbish crops. In fact, confession time, I have spent most evenings not doing an awful lot, watching mindless crap on the TV and feeling a bit sorry for myself... This in turn has been making me feel guilty and therefore even worse about my lack of enthusiasm.

But – slobbing on the sofa is no way to spend all your time and I am ready to embrace the spirit of the season and start afresh, out with the old and in with the new.
I have lots of new projects planned, have booked a couple of craft fair stalls to give me a goal and am due to go to a couple of crafty workshops to hopefully inspire and enthuse me. I am also trying hard to recognise and respect when I need a bit of quiet time, things are all about balance and time to be reflective and introspective are important too, especially for me.

I am not making rash promises of blog updates every week and masses of creativity happening  – but I am going to promise to do one thing each day which makes me happy. It might be posting a picture or spending an extra 10 minutes with my journal. It may be doing a few yoga asanas before bed or spending a few moments breathing and being thankful. 

What are you doing today which makes you happy?