Sunday, 14 September 2014

Feeling Mellow....

There have been some spectacular sunrises.

I absolutely love this time of year. The days are getting a little shorter, the mornings a little cooler and everything a little more mellow. I love the feeling of slowing down and reflection – of preparing for the coming cold days. I love the harvest and making things with what we’ve grown or gathered.

I don’t have an actual post for this week – nothing of great importance to share. Instead, here are some pictures of the things I have been enjoying!

We have been trying hard to hang onto the holiday feel by recreating some cream teas. Homemade scones, homemade jam and the chance to use my vintage china!

I have been trying to catch up with some friends - this isn't one of them... we had a great knight! (ha ha ha)

The allotment and garden have been producing some delicious things. These potatoes were not purple all the way through, much to my disappointment. We've had beans, sweetcorn, chard, more beans, potatoes, pears, apples, beans, courgettes... did I mention the beans?? I have been preparing the beehives for the Winter too - ensuring everything is ready to give them the best chance through the cold weather. I have been brave enough to go up on my own a couple of times and I can honestly say it is such a mindful activity.

This time of year sees lots of agricultural and country shows. I didn't manage to get a lot of photographs due to various technical mishaps but we have enjoyed Uffington and Wychwood amongst others. I have been inspired by the crafts and chatted to some lovely people too.

My latest experiment... we have been doing a major clear up at work and this beauty was uncovered. I decided to borrow it to clean up and fix and then learn how to use it. I have had a go at cleaning fleece, carding it, rolling it into rolags and learning to use the spinning wheel. So far, so good. I am finding it very therapeutic and enjoyable. My yarn is very lumpy still and I am coming across lots of problems but it is my goal to produce something knitted which I have made myself from raw fleece to finished product. Watch this space :)