Thursday, 9 April 2015


Looking out at Boscastle
I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself just recently – I don’t often get ill but I’ve been suffering from a chest infection and accompanying cough and general lethargy. ‘Luckily’ it coincided with the Easter break and so my precious few days off work were spent trying hard to feel human and not too grumpy.


Anyway, to cheer myself up I sorted out some bits and pieces at home including some of my vast collection of camera equipment. During the tidy I found a couple of unexposed 120 films. How exciting! I still love the thrill of sending off film, not knowing what will come back – and this was even more exciting as I had no idea what was even on the film!


DS#1 looking cool at the beach

The negs and CD came back in super quick time and it transpired they were from holidays in 2013 and 2014… The rolls of film had been used in my Diana camera and then stashed safely. The Diana is a fun piece of kit is based on the 1960’s super low quality box camera. The poor plastic construction is part of the appeal as the resulting light leakage and soft focus effects give some interesting results. It uses 120 film which gives large sized square negatives and prints which several firms are now able to develop. It’s not a super cheap hobby but it is fun!


Not my most flattering shot but I just love the colours


Here are some of the better results – some of the shots were so ‘effected’ that you couldn’t really tell what they were of. It has rekindled my desire to get out there and take some more and to make sure I get the films sent straight off this time instead of sitting around for years…..

These two pics were taken at Sidmouth when I did my yoga retreat. Happy memories!

DS#2 being mean and moody (and small)