Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Instameet - London and meeting new friends!

Last Sunday I did something new and exciting and I enjoyed it so much I might do it again!!

Xanthe Berkeley www.xantheberkely.com organised an Instameet in London. This is basically where a bunch of people get together, go on a walk and take lots of photographs. I had seen the meet advertised by Susannah Conway www.susannahconway.com and thought it sounded like fun but London is a BIG adventure for a little village girl like me, especially meeting up with people I didn't know... but hey, I remembered back in January that I vowed to try new things. So, Sunday saw me off to the city on my own with maps and supplies, iPhone and a Polaroid which I wasn't sure that worked (DS#1 had confessed to dropping it on the floor as I was leaving).

The Polaroid did work!

We met outside Moorgate Tube - I was there mega early and almost chickened out at this point, but then met lovely Elle and her dog Noodles. Others joined the group and Xanthe was super welcoming. The plan was to explore the Barbican area, taking our time, then finishing at a cafe before heading our seperate ways.

The 'Foot' shot.

We were also joined by Susannah Conway which I was thrilled about! It was like meeting a hero - I didn't know whether to chat to her or whether I'd just repeat my 'Nik Kershaw moment' where I said something really embarassing to him in a panic. She was wonderful though, really friendly and chatty.


Freaky gold person at The Barbican.

Anyway, the tour was fun, I didn't realise I'd been so close to this bit of London when we did St Barts. We also checked out Smithfield Meat Market and some interesting smelling alleyways! All the people I met were great - some fabulous photographs were taken and I am definately going to be brave and do it next time!

More feet and shadows.
I did speak to Susannah at the end - telling her how much I'd enjoyed her courses and how much they'd helped me. Don't think I was too stalkerey or weird.... at least, I haven't had security called on me this time! ;-) (sorry Nik)

More pictures

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this August Break project. Simple words that have you thinking and coming up with some inspiration. I've discovered the downside to Instagram is the huge range of properly fab pictures that make me think mine are actually pretty crap but I am thinking positive and learning through looking at how they have composed them or arranged things and hopefully this will rub off! This isn't a fish for compliments btw.....

So - Day 14 'Stillness'
Buddha really could do with a polish - but it did make the reflected light nice and soft!

Day 15 'Books'
This is the pile at the side of my bed. I am guilty of having about 6 books on the go at once. Makes following plot lines a little interesting but then I do have a sort attention span (apparently)

Day 16 'Floral'
My sunflowers in my garden!

Day 17 'Touch'
I had all sorts of fluffyness in mind for this project but then spied the poor forgotten cactus at the top of my stairs. We calculated it must be about 35 years old or more and has survived my 'brown fingers'. I usually kill any houseplant within 3 weeks. Clearly this fellow thrives on neglect!

Day 18 'Looking Down'
A shot from the Instameet (see next post), taken somewhere in London!

Day 19 'White'
 I can't tell you how I took my life in my hands to get this shot! DS#1 was lookout (There's a car coming!!) whilst I knelt in the road. I wanted a straight line into the distance but this was the bst I could do.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

August Break catch up

I have been rather lazy in posting my August Break pictures onto my blog now I have discovered Instagram! And now I have also un-privated my pictures people are actually liking them! Even people I don't know!! How awesome... 
Anyway, here's a mega catch up from the last four days just in case you have managed to miss them splashed everywhere else! 
Proper blog entry this weekend I promise :-) 
'Red' - the postbox in my village. 

'Play' - I was clearly having a pony moment! 

'Far away' - not sure this came out quite how I wanted, it's a gap in the trees at work, looked prettier in real life! 

'Home'- this dollshouse is in my bedroom, so is Sally. She scares me a little bit...  

Tomorrow is stillness. My mind is already working on that one ;-D 


Friday, 9 August 2013

Taste and tasteless!

 Today's August Break project was taste. I don't generally eat breakfast (yeah, I know!) and my lunch was spectacularly uninspiring. I contemplated photographing the half eaten mars bar in my desk-the added fluff gave it a nice edge, but in the end I 'plumped' for the juicy tomatoes just approaching perfection in my greenhouse! 

My oracle card for this morning pointed me to creativity today and so I had a most creative time at work! Then after an odd conversation about photocopiers and body parts (yes, just as inappropriate  as you're imagining!) I was inspired to copy some items on my desk. 

Yes, I have skulls and ponies. Who doesn't? What's that? No one else does? Really? 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Technologically impaired!

D'oh, I will stand up here and now and admit my techno stupidity! 

1. When posting on your blog it helps to press the publish button.
2. Instead of crying about not one single person 'liking' any of your Instagram photos first check you haven't set the thing to private! 

Ok, hopefully these things are rectified, and now I'll know if I don't get any likes its cos my pics are actually rubbish (or that anyone who reads my blog is just trying to make me feel better!) but then you won't be reading this anyway if I don't press publish! Arghhh! 

August Break 'skyline' 

August Break 'selfie' 

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Monday, 5 August 2013

Close up

  A flower from my garden for today's August Break project! 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

'Love' August Break

'He turned his face and kiss'd her climbing and she cast her arms about him and at once they rode away' 

Pasties and Prisons - Adventures in Cornwall.

Back to reality today - The washing is almost up to date and we are about to eat the first 'proper' meal in a week (not that the kids are happy about that!!)

So - Cornwall. I do love the place. There is some amazing scenery, lots of history and places to see and the seafood is fabulous. BUT it's bloody heaving at this time of year. Now, we did work out that as long as you arrive at a place before lunch time then you were pretty much tourist free. After 1pm then forget it! It made things a little stressful, especially for someone who doesn't really like crowds. But then I guessed that's what we were in for.
The holiday park was just how I expected it to be. They had mascots. I could go with Freddy the Fox but Kenny the Badger???? Really?? Luckily the park was simply a base and so we didn't get too involved with the bingo, quiz nights and rather dubious 'entertainment'! To give credit where credit is due however, 'Stripey Sammy' sang his little heart out and was super enthusiastic in the face of 9 million kids dosed up on sweets and cola.

We had some amazing visits. My personal favourite was Bodmin Jail. I had been here some years before, when it was still Bodmin Gaol. Not sure why it's been rebranded. Maybe Gaol was too difficult to pronounce? They have done some sterling work in doing the place up. They had taxidermy....
Part rabbit, part deer. All friendly!

And some awesome mannikins. Check them out!
Possibly a horse?? Melted?

Face, wig, monkey... you decide what's the strangest aspect of this!

Derek Acorah apparently 'did time' at Bodmin.

I say Abraham Lincoln, my brother says Alan Rickman.

We ate our own body weight in fudge, pasties and chips. I also ate an entire lobster myself (with chips). The lady at Padstow kindly split it for me so I didn't have to raid the car tool box and use a hammer and pliers like last time (it SO doesn't go with the image!).

I am Lompster Bob and I have a splitting headache!

We saw some very photogenic harbours. Inspired by my talented friend Louise Mamet, I did try to take some pictures but sadly I still have lots to learn! I took my Polaroid camera too and got some very '70's looking pictures with that. They will have to wait until I fight my way into the cupboard to access the scanner though!

Boscastle again

Port Isaac - the water was so blue!

Back to work tomorrow - starting with a trip to Bury St Edmunds to check out an Anglo-Saxon village. I am very excited about this as it could be the satrt of a new project at work.... watch this space!

Saturday, 3 August 2013

I'm back!

Not a great start to the August Break project! We have just spent the last week in Cornwall - more about that over the weekend - but lack of any kind of reliable phone signal/internet connection rather spoilt my plans of posting here :-(
Sadly Day One did not post til Day Two when we got a brief flicker of a signal halfway up a hill! I took photos for Day Two but then had no signal to post....
Still, home now and on with the posts!

Day Three - "Yellow"

Here are some of the many courgettes we have come home to in the garden!
I will set aside some time over the weekend to bring you the delights of our Cornish adventures. I promise some mannikins well worth the wait ;-P