Monday, 27 July 2015

Where I Am Right Now...

Right – I am jumping back into the blogging with an old favourite, my prompt post!
Stuff that I am doing right now on a couple of precious days off work!

Making: Some fruit smoothies with my Nutribullet. I will be more healthy and avoid chocolate!

Cooking: I have plans to create some home cooked real food while I am off work – my cookbooks are overflowing with ideas. We will probably end up eating pizza or fish and chips.

Drinking: At this time of the day?

Reading: Around the house I currently have about 7 books on the go. Bedtime reading is ‘Dark Lover’ the biography of Rudolph Valentino, in the living room I have ‘Why Can’t I Meditate’ and in the kitchen pile is ‘Eat, Nourish, Glow’ Just a few.....

Wanting: More days off work so I can get on with the millions of ideas and plans whizzing in my head at the moment.

Looking: At the grey skies outside the door and, although I love rain, wishing it was just a teenier bit more sunny.

Playing: George Formby – gotta love George!

Wasting: Valuable housework time trying to be creative and finally blogging!

Sewing: I have a summer top all ready to sew but I am thinking it might not get done in time for this summer now....

Wishing: I was back at the mini yoga retreat I did this weekend – such a treat to spend time doing something I love with supportive people.

Enjoying: Some time with my boys – September will see some huge changes with both boys heading off and leaving home for different reasons. Now I am treasuring each moment they are here (and trying to to blissfully ignore the annoying boy stuff that they do)

Waiting: For my massage appointment this afternoon – I think it might help the residual pain I’ve been having following my osteopath treatment for back problems.

Liking: Some new vintage treasures that have arrived in the house, china, games, more things to find a permanent home for.....

Wondering: If it will rain for both of my days off or will it now wait until our holiday in Cornwall in a few weeks and then unleash full holiday weather. As usual!

Loving: The new reindeer hide which we have finally decided should go on the bed.

Hoping: My yoga and mindful state of mind will continue...

Marvelling: At how long my computer takes to do anything and how I haven’t mindfully thrown it through the window.

Needing: Pay day to come along just a little more quickly this month.

Smelling: Penhaligons Hammam Bouquet

Wearing: Lazy clothes – and now thinking what I should wear for the massage... oh the worry!

Following: Not sure now the Tour de France has finished. Will have to totally rethink my evenings L

Noticing: How fresh everything smells after the rain – see, looking for the positives..

Knowing: These two days will fly past and I will not do half the stuff I want to do. But that I need to appreciate some slower time and things that don’t get done will just have to wait.

Thinking: Trying not to..... being present in the moment!

Feeling: Mostly chilled and relaxed and quite happy.

Bookmarking: Yoga stuff and mindful stuff and things that inspire me.

Opening: Actually trying to resist opening another book until I have finished the ones I have started.

Giggling: At the weather – no point being too upset by it. At least I won’t have to water the garden. Again....

Well – that’s where I’m at right now....