Sunday, 20 October 2013

New Projects and Creepy Dolls.

I have spent the last couple of weeks trying desperately to fit some interest and creativity into a very busy time.... I'll admit that my secret aim to take at least one photograph a day to put on Instagram has failed somewhat. Even my journaling has been a little hit and miss, some days with only a few lines, some days of furiously scribbled rantings and ravings :-S

However, here I am... ready and inspired!

I have seen an idea on Instagram where someone has done an alphabet tour of their (very beautiful) home - what a cool idea! Now, I don't think I could manage a whole tour of my home like this. I'm sure there's only so many stuffed creatures you guys can take. But I did think I could do an alphabet tour of things I like, just for fun! In truth, I quite like having a prompt for each day, it gives me a focus....
I will post these pics on Instagram #alphabetofme but will copy some on here too! (At least, that's the plan!)

We welcomed a new, non stuffed, addition to the household on Friday. During a mostly unsuccessful tour of some charity shops I came across these two beauties.

Hans and Leise... we can dance you know!

I have a largish collection of costume dolls in a box under my bed (shameful, I know) and these just made me laugh. In a creepy way... Imagine my delight when I got them home, took them out of their boxes and discovered they both had keys, you could wind them up and they danced!!!
Well, dance is possibly stretching the truth a little. They vibrate. A lot. It's really quite strange, especially if you put them together. I'm sure you can imagine.......

Still, a little light relief at the end of what has been quite a week was most welcome!


  1. I love the photo of the leaves against the bright green of the grass- so pretty! I wish I could see those 'dancing' dolls in action... we need a video!!

  2. Ha that might test my technological skills but I will promise to give it a try!