Monday, 26 May 2014

Things I Have Seen This Week

I've had a pretty busy week at work – lots of training and off site visits. Being out and about has allowed me to witness some very interesting people- I do like to people watch when I get the chance (not in a weird stalkery way you understand!)

Here’s my Top 5 interesting sightings of the week :) 

5. Possibly the world’s oldest paper-boy. I'm sure there are plenty of older people out there delivering papers each and every morning with cheer and enthusiasm but this particular gentleman appeared to be taking the label of ‘paper-boy’ a bit too seriously. He was dressed as a 10 year old boy, shorts and all, cap at a jaunty angle, trainers, bag slung at a nonchalant, knee knocking height. Sadly he wasn't riding a Chopper bike but it looked like he might have been saving up his paper round money for one!

4. A monk with the best beard in town. Apparently monks are not a rare sight in this particular area of Oxford but being a mere village girl I had not come across one before! He looked very cool and flowing in long grey robes (or whatever the technical term is for monks clothing) but most fascinatingly he had a splendid beard, truly, wonderfully splendid! It was long and bushy and really quite huge. I wanted to stop the minibus and stroke it. I'm not sure what beard etiquette would say about that?

3. Where’s Wally x2. I did have to look twice at these ladies. I assume they were raising money for some worthy cause. They were walking alongside a main road, seemingly miles from the nearest inhabited area both dressed as Where’s Wally and doing it three legged. In the rain. With a bucket. They didn't look particularly happy about the whole thing. I'm not sure if they were lost or just on an epic journey. I wondered what might happen if they had an argument – would they see it through, stomping three legged and ignoring each other or would they call it a day and untie the bonds, leaving their sponsors to ask “Where’s the other Wally?”

2. It did rain a lot this week and I felt very sorry for the young lad who was out on his bike in a torrential downpour. I'm sure he was a lot happier to ride in the rain that I would have been but his face didn't reflect it. Still, he was bravely peddling on with water streaming down his face, hair plastered and clothes dripping and looking like he could not get any wetter - and then some total git in a 4x4 drove straight through a puddle...... I would have cried at this point. Instead, and all due respect to the lad, he did manage a magnificent hand gesture towards said driver. I cheered!

1. My favourite sighting of the week may have been a mirage. I did pass by on the opposite side of the road at a reasonable pace. But what I think I saw was an old lady on a bike in a long black wig dressed as a pink fairy. I mean complete with wings, tutu, crown and everything! Was she heading to a fancy dress party? Was this just a normal days clothing choice for her? Was she, in fact, a real fairy? I choose to believe the last one...fairies are real!

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  1. Ohhhh I love your photo! The black and white element to it is great, really makes you notice the patterns and lines :-D