Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sew Happy!

I have had a lovely weekend catching up with an old friend (ie, been friends a long time, not that she's ancient!) I combined this gossip fest and eating marathon with a trip to Brackley Antique Cellar, one of my favourite places to explore.
Last time I was there I had spotted a set of deer hoof gun rack thingumys. They were still there today, oh joy, and as DS No 2 has just aquired a new bow we were in need of more storage! They will look totally fab on the wall!
I also managed to get something to display Mervyn in. I had in mind a bell jar type of affair but the only ones they had there were too small and too expensive. Instead I found a vintage sweet jar, the type from my childhood, and I thought this might be a quirky answer to the stuffed rat storage issue. I will need to create a base and something for him to lean on... watch this space!
Finally, I got chatting to a couple who own one of the spaces in the Cellar, a really friendly pair who gave me lots of tips and knocked some money off the Singer treadle sewing machine I had been eying up. Cheekily I said if he would help me get it to the car then we had a deal! Hooray for womens lib :-)

The machine came complete with the treadle table, an original box of gubbins and yet more gubbins in the side drawer. The leather drive belt was broken but I figured I could get DH to fix this!
A little rearranging of the car later and I was on my way home!

It needed some serious dusting and oiling but all appeared to be moving freely. DH has bodged the drive belt for now, the leather has definately had it. New drive belts are available on Ebay for not too much, hooray! I have tried to research it a bit, the Egyptian decals were very popular in the 1930's. I believe it's an early 15 model.
I have had a little play with it and it certainly sews beautifully. It won't replace my 1929 model that belonged to my paternal grandmother in my affections, but it will be loved and used! (Once I get the new belt!!)


  1. We saw the hoofy thingies...nearly bought boris the boars head..did you see him? Bloody huge!

  2. How did I miss Boris?? Clearly too excited by the hoofers!