Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Mad Hatter and startled ferret!

Well, I've had to return to the land of normality (ha ha) after the filming excitement.... It's been a routine week of work and household chores but I did get to indulge in some creativity with a vintage twist for my floristry class!
I am now about half way through my Floristry diploma course, still loving every minute of it and still marvelling at the bargains to be had at Aldi (fabulous roses this week for £3!)
My assessment this week was to create a shop window around a theme of my choice. By 'shop window' they meant against a door in the reception area of the college. My door was to the office and so I had to allow for staff coming in and out. I tried to block them in with the step ladder but they managed to squeeze through.
I chose the Mad Hatters Tea Party as my theme as I thought I could make good use of my plentiful collection of vintage stuff. In reality it caused problems as I tried to choose between 20 different sets of china. I have slept for the past 3 weeks with a notepad by the bed, funny how inspiration strikes at 3am. 'Aha, bunting would be cool', 'Great, now shut up and let me sleep!' 'No, seriously, Alice themed bunting... here's how we could make it', 'Honestly, please tell me in the morning', 'No, I need to tell you NOW!'

Completed window display - ignore the office and magazine shelf!

Anyway, the assessment day arrived, my car was stuffed to the gunnels with everything I thought I could possibly need (plus lots I wasn't sure about) and I was ready to create. DD had scotched the idea of using my taxidermy vole as a dormouse (people will think you're weird! As if!) and so as a last minute stand in I had to enlist the services of startled ferret. He's my favourite Forest School soft toy and has had many a woodland adventure. Sitting in a teapot was a virtual holiday for him!

Startled Ferret - star of the show!
I was particularly proud of my floral cupcakes (sounds like a good name for a burlesque star?) - thank you to Carol for the inspiration.
Aldi roses - an absolute bargain!
It all went well and I got some good feedback from my tutor. Another bonus is that my house is now full of flowers, on the flip side I have loads of china to clean and put away and startled ferret needs to come back down to earth.
Still, it's the taxidermy course next Saturday and so he will have stuffed rat to befriend. The rats steampunk wings are coming along a treat but that's a whole 'nother story!!


  1. What a great display! Startled Ferret made me chortle...'Would you like a nice cup of strong startled ferret?' 'Ooh just half a cup thanks.' :-) Seriously though, I imagine you got top marks for your display.

  2. Thank you! I have yet to see the actual marking sheet but am hoping Startled Ferret was enough to tip the balance!
    PS you do need to take sugar with your Startled Ferret!