Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Cameras and air raid shelters....

I've been feeling quite sorry for myself this week... a cold that is just hanging around and making me want to do nothing more than curl up under a blanket and hide from the world :-(
Still, I struggled from my pit of despair to make the most of that shiny warm thing in the sky over the weekend (I hear tell it's called THE SUN). DS#1 and I took a wander through the village to take some photographs. I was keen to try out the Polaroid in sunny conditions and wanted to finish off the first roll of 120 film.

St Stephens Church - Clanfield

These results are the best yet... I am describing the distorted colours as 'arty'. I'm not sure if adjusting the light-dark setting would improve this but as each picture takes ages to develop you kind of miss the moment should you want to retake!!

I like to call this picture 'Letterbox'

I discovered that nowhere (around here) takes the 120 film for developing... Boots helpfully talked about 126 film, thanks for that! I have found a company online who have impressed me so far with their patient answering of my dumb questions. The film is in the post to them as we speak.
In more camera news I have also purchased a B&W Impossible Project film. This has the added 'bonus' of coming out B&W or sepia depending on how it feels. So far I have shot 3 virtually blank pictures and this dodgy shot of DD standing by my broken car (a whole 'nother story)
I actually quite liked this one...even down to the weird development blob on the corner! Almost looks antique if you can ignore the poorly Ford!

Oo, almost forgot the air raid shelter bit of news. Very excited at work this week as we managed to persuade the boss that we needed an actual Anderson Shelter to run our forthcoming WW2 days. It was picked up today and delived back to our site. Sadly no photographs at present but they will be here. Soon. In abundance!

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