Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sporti, shopping and Mr Selfridge.

Hooray, I got my Ilford Sporti photographs back this week.
My house!

Assorted sheds.

I had mixed results... some of them came out ok, the vast majority didn't! A few appeared to have something obscuring the lens, a classic schoolboy error. Some looked like the winding on thingy was not working properly creating interesting effects.

I am keen to try again though, this time I will make a note of the settings so I can rule out any issues there. I was most impressed with Peak Imaging for swift service and no sarcastic stickers telling me what a crap job I had done! (I used to work for Boots and I HATED those stickers but we had to use them).

My floristry course is fast approaching its end. I am very sad about this, what on earth will I do with my Tuesday evenings now? The last couple of classes have been spent creating planted designs... I made an outdoor planter that would have been cheaper to buy ready made and an indoor one which allowed me to indulge in fairies and butterflies as I created it for a friends birthday!

This week it's the planted design assessment and so I am taking it right back in time and creating a bottle garden. Fascinated by these for years, I have never owned one -probably because my track record with houseplants is abysmal. But hey, this one only has to survive the evening!!

Well, it's Sunday and tonight I have to find alternative entertainment as there is no Mr Selfridge :-( I don't normally watch costume dramas but I will admit to having enjoyed Mr Shellfish... I went out and bought the book which the series was based on this week, 'Shopping, Seduction and Mr Selfridge' by Lindy Woodhead. So far it's a really interesting read, although those expecting a rip roaring story along the lines of the series will be disappointed. It's a look at the broader history of shopping here and in the US and the huge impact that Mr S had on changing the face of our favourite pastime. Some of these changes were massively positive - some of them were causing consternation back then and still do today (I am thinking especially of the buying out of smaller shops in order to expand). As a social history it makes for a great book, so maybe that's how I shall spend my vacant Sunday night spot tonight. Blanket, book and a bottle of red!


  1. Great effects you are getting with your cameras. Like photos in book about the early 20th Century.

    Mr Butterfly looks a happy fellow among the flowers (or is it Mrs it has pink wings?). It looks happy enough either way. :-)

  2. Why thank you! And I think it's a Mr Butterfly... he's comfortable enough with his own masculinity to wear pink!

  3. time we all got back to the 'old-fashioned' way of taking will treasure these ; but ephemeral fluff on a mobile or a computer hard drive will never be seen or valued in the same way. Love the floral arrangement, so fresh and Spring-like, we need some Spring around here...

  4. I agree... there is definately something special about proper photographs! And I actually enjoy the anticipation of waiting to see how they have turned out :-)
    Thank you for the kind comments...bring on the sunshine!