Saturday, 27 April 2013


Oops, it's been a while :-( Sometimes life just gets too busy to manage! The last couple of weeks have had some major highs and serious lows - but here I am, trying to decide what to share!

I just wanted to say a little about an e-course I am currently undertaking. It's called Unravelling and helps in learning more about yourself through photography and journalling. I can't say too much but it's proving to be more revealing than I dreamed... it's hard work finding out things that are a bit scary but it's also inspiring some great creativity and giving me an excuse to take more photographs.

Work has been crazy busy - we have just launched a whole week of new educational programmes. This has meant several weeks of planning and resourcing and then the most tiring week presenting them to different schools. The highlight surely had to be the WW2 days - this was my dream and it has been a triumph - hooray! I got to play Peggy the Land Girl and showed lots of gardening skills. I also got to be in charge of the air raid drill where we all took cover in the real Anderson shelter (complete with planes overhead, thanks Brize!!) We were loaned a 1930's Austin truck which we used to stick the magnetic mine to and to ferry lucky evacuees to the centre... I haven't driven it yet but I will!
Land Girl Peggy reporting for digging duties....

Me and Private Clark with the lovely truck!


We got to Friday so tired that we could barely think straight, so glad it's the weekend! But the week was a huge success, we already have bookings for the new programmes (and the boss was very pleased!)
Next week will seem almost quiet by comparison - just some tents to sort, a WW2 shop and house to dismantle, a Victorian explorers kit to pack away.... oh yeah, just another normal week!

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