Sunday, 15 September 2013

A Tale of Two Cushions....

I had a couple of days holiday from work this week. I had planned to chill and relax and be creative, however none of this happened... The past few weeks have been a bit 'eventful' and I found myself just wanting to hide under my blankets and be miserable :-(
Still, that seems to be just what I needed and I am feeling in a more positive frame of mind at the moment!!

Sad Sunflowers!
I have been out collecting the first of the blackberries. We made some lovely blackberry whisky last year and I am sad to report it is quickly disappearing. Especially since I found out how nice it is topped up with chilled prosecco :-)
The recipe is simple - fill a bottle halfway up with blackberries - add some sugar and top up with cheap whisky. Shake every now and then, leave for as long as you can bear (ours was about 6 months) then strain out the blackberries (and use in boozy puddings) and Bob's your Uncle...

I have moved from 'blue' to 'red' on my photo prompts and am now entering 'yellow'! Still trying to take photographs everyday and still finding things close to me that I had never really looked at.

Autumn is so inspiring for colour and texture.
So is rust!!

DH took me to Blenheim Horse Trials today. His work had a stand there and so he got cheap entry. I was mostly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of tweed and Hunter wellingtons. There were some nice stalls and some which clearly decided as you entered if you were likely to spend anything and so should they bother talking to you. Hmmmm.
However, I found the Thistles stall and was in Cushion Heaven (it's an actual place, honest!). They handmake tartan cushions with beautiful satin linings and also upholster furniture. I was in love with their whole range. The couple on the stall were very friendly, chatting away to us. I took a leaflet and then we walked back past the stall several times until I finally gave in and bought a pair of gorgeous brown and red cushions. We will be eating baked beans for the rest of this month but in fairness they are beautifully made, lined in stunning turquoise satin and worth every penny! And they have huge buttons on!!

Beautiful cushions. Am not letting the cats anywhere near these!
What more could a girl want? Maybe a throw to match.............!!


  1. Thank you for sharing the blackberry whisky recipe! That sounds so easy to make. If I started some now, do you think they would be good Christmas? Or is that not long enough? This would be a great gift. One for me, too!!

    The Thistle stall sounds delightful. Glad you got your cushions!


  2. Hi Kristen,
    It should be fine by Christmas if you start now - I always intend to make some extra to give as gifts but then it never makes it that far :-P If you can leave it longer though then that's even better x
    The cushions are still in the bag-I am too worried the cats or kids might damage them!!!!
    Karen x

    1. Maybe I can make them up and give them with the blackberries still in the bottles? I could put a tag on each bottle saying open in the spring. Either way, I think it will be a fun gift!

      Use those cushions!!! ;)

  3. Kristen,
    Have just been given a more traditional and superior blackberry whisky recipe which I thought I would share with you!
    Pick your berries, heat them up (but don't boil)until they go all juicy. Strain the juice into a pan, add a muslin bag with cinnamon stick, cloves and lemon rind in. Boil for 1/2 hour then cool and remove the bag. For every 1/2 pint of this mixture add 1 pint of whisky. Stir and bottle up. Can be drunk straight away but improves with age!!

    I will be out picking again this weekend...then relaxing with my cushions and a small drink!!

  4. Hi Karen,

    Oh, that recipe sounds wonderful too! Thank you so much for passing it on. I'm not as lucky as you to have berries to pick here, but I hope to get some at the market tomorrow.

    Thanks again and have a nice weekend!