Monday, 30 September 2013

'Game', Set, and Ploughing Match...

Ok I cheated. I liked the title but there is no actual game in this story. Unless you count my beautiful new stuffed squirrels. Do squirrels count as game?

So, my taxidermy collection count is now up to....hmm....lots! I am actually running out of room. I have this dream that one day I will have a house with a study/library so that I can display all of my stuffed loveliness alongside some weighty tomes and finish it all off with a wingback armchair, a sturdy desk and some important looking papers. Not to mention a whiskey.. or two!

The squirrels were a bargain find on a stall at the local Ploughing Match. I say 'stall' but this is allowing it to sound grander than it was. It was actually two blokes sat in the back of a car with the contents of a garage strewn around them on the ground. I suspect they made up prices on the spot - worked out from how genteel/poor you looked (hooray for us!). DS#2 got a bargain Mamod steam engine type thing and I spotted Blinky and Minky in their dusty case.

The Ploughing Match itself was a fun day out. A slice of English history where lots of people compete to create straight lines of ploughed field using a variety of methods. I always like to see the heavy horses. There's something so majestic about seeing these beautiful powerful beasts working in the fields like they have done for years. I also admit that I like the fancy bits and bobs that they dress them up in too!

A lot of time recently has also been spent creating lovely things from the fruits and veg that we have harvested. The blackberry whiskey has been made... I have some jams - damson, plum, bramble. We are keeping an eye on the sloes ready for gin, awaiting that important first frost!
I had a go at making some crab apple jelly too. I didn't have a recipe for my Tefal jam maker so I thought I would experiment.... I ended up with some very tasty crab apple candy. It's a lovely colour and the children have braved their teeth on it with the verdict that it does taste nice! I have found a more traditional recipe and so I will have another go in a more preserving pan type of a way.

Alongside this the coal bunker has been repaired ready to stock up, the chimmneys are about to be swept and I am reorganising the living room for the colder weather - I have to change furniture about so the open fire is accessible. It's a bit like the opposite of a Spring clean!! But there is something quite reassuring about all these preparations.. bring on the colder weather, we're ready!


  1. Love the first pic especially - it reminds me of one of those 1920's horror films...but with squirrels!

    That's an amazing butterfly on blackberries pic too - great colours. :-)

  2. Thank you! And horror squirrels - that would make a cool film! Attack of the Zombie Killer Squirrels and Their Mutant Nuts.. the sequel..