Friday, 1 November 2013

All in the Presentation...

Wow - for someone who has virtually no social life I have been very busy recently! More film nights at The Bobbin. They had their Hallowe'en season and featured such classics as Young Frankenstein (so funny) and Nosferatu. Each film is preceded by a vintage public service film which causes much hilarity!
I am back at The Bobbin tonight with DH for another Burlesque Night. I thought I had missed the October one but they had to postpone it due to heating problems (no one wants to see a chilly burlesque performance) and luckily I managed to book a table. Whoop whoop!
My workplace had a film event too. The Blair Witch Project, outdoor in the woods on Hallowe'en... The rain kept off, the wind was just enough to add atmosphere and although the film is not one of my favourites, it worked brilliantly.

I have managed to sneak a few days off over the school hols and have spent much of it pottering and relaxing. Just what I needed! I have lots of craft stuff planned as I have booked a table at an upcoming craft fair (more of this later). I figured booking a table would give me the kick up the behind I need to get started and make stuff. I will make stuff. This weekend is the plan... watch this space to see if I need to reduce my table to half a space! :-)

DH took me to visit Tetbury yesterday. We have driven through a few times and marvelled at the amount of antique shops. It was a good day but many of the shops were way too expensive for my budget. We found a fabulous vintage clothing shop called Qetty Bang Bang. Great displays - I especially liked the wall covered in old photographs - and some beautiful clothing too.
As lunchtime approached we found a little place called The Blue Zucchini. Another hidden gem. They had some awesome music playing, I did ask what it was and can now recommend 'Dirty Honkers' to those of you who like swing music with a modern twist. The decore was eclectic and the food and drinks were served with style!

Loved the presentation.

Coke in a jar! With a handle!

I have been brave and had my hair cut to its shortest length for, well, ever! Am loving my new bob although I cannot get it to look as sleek as the hairdresser. She used things like hairdryers and round brushes and (gasp) straighteners!! Looks like I'm going to have to learn some girly skills.

Selfie showing off washed neck!

The #alphabetofme photo project is going well. Some letters are easier than others. I have been jotting down ideas in my journal as I am inspired although some have several options and I cannot decide which I like best. I am keeping it to one picture per letter but maybe some deserve two!?

I am debating on whether to enrol on Susannah Conway's Blogging course. I had it in the back of my mind as my next thing to do but noticed today that it starts on Monday.... Not sure if I will have much time to devote to it at the moment but equally it gives me an excuse for spending time on something for me (and you guys, my readers!!) I will ponder over the weekend and see if I have divine inspiration!

Sir Stanley Sparkles - before being mounted (on the wall!)

Well, off to spruce up Stanley now, the latest addition to the House of Stuffed Stuff. Sir Stanley Sparkles as the rest of the crew have christened him (don't ask!). He will fit right in!

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