Sunday, 10 November 2013


Just a quick update today... I decided to go ahead and sign up for Susannah Conway's Blogging From the Heart e-course. A week in and I already have lots to think about including some quite deep questions about the motivation for my blog and the creation of a 'mission statement'. Motivation so far has been to share some of my pictures, talk about my stuff and to revel in the wonderful ordinariness of my life!
I'm thinking maybe my pictures should be bigger?!? :)

Shadows on a sunny day

My impending craft fair stall has inspired me to new heights of industriousness. The teacup candles are finished, I have created some fab vintage map bunting (it might not even make the stall) and have all sorts of other goodies in a variety of stages of complete. On the downside the house is a complete mess and the cats are begging for attention (the children are just making the most of extra tv time).
Photographs to follow (of the crafted items, not the children watching tv)

The sudden rush of enthusiasm has also spilled into my gym routine. I have to admit the first flush of gym bunny fever had passed and I was making more and more feeble excuses to miss my sessions. So, I booked a refocus session for today and blimey, am I now refocussed! And unable to walk! Or lift things... Seriously, it was really useful and just what I needed. Sophie showed me lots of new equipment to try (me and a cross trainer...ha ha ha) and got me doing excercises which involved a balance board, a medicine ball AND some step ups. I have never felt so co ordinated.

My #alphabetofme photo project has now reached S. Apart from one missed day I have managed to post everyday and I am still enjoying the challenge. I have to say, it has shown just how much random stuff I do like and that's without sharing all the really weird bits!

And I said my life was ordinary??!!

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