Monday, 9 December 2013

Getting ready.......

No one can fail to have noticed that 'it' is hurtling towards us at a huge rate of knots.... Yes, that special time of year is once more nearly upon us.

However, before everything goes a little too sparkly and glittery I am enjoying the last vestiges of the Autumn. There are still a few leaves hanging on and there have been some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Sadly I have not managed to catch any of these on camera due to the fact I am usually busy driving to/from work and am unable to stop without causing massive issues to the vehicles behind :)
Still - I have enjoyed them and they have made me happy to be out and about at such unearthly hours!

At home we have been preparing for Winter. The allotment has been sadly neglected for a while but we have been out in the garden, being helped by the happy hens. DH has chopped enough wood to see us through a few fires and I helped by raking up some leaves - then kicking them all over the garden - then raking them up again. I don't care HOW old you are, kicking leaves has got to be one of lifes little joys...

Chicken (foreground) and Chicken (behind) lend a claw!

Inside we have now got Sloe Gin, Blackberry Whisky, Blackcurrant Brandy and Damson Gin all awaiting perfection. Regular taste tests are quite necessary :D I can also confirm the first batch of mulled wine has been made and enjoyed by the fire. I have discovered the usefulness of the slow cooker in creating mulled wine although having it bubbling away on the top of the Rayburn always seems the more traditional option.

So - with things sorted and tidied and put away for the Season I can now look forward to enjoying the build up to 'you know what'. And enjoy it I will!

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  1. Great photos! I have resisted the urge to sample the blackberry whisky I have 'brewing'.... I can't wait to try it and share your recipe with my family!