Monday, 2 December 2013

Taking Stock - (from yesterday)

This post was written under the influence of a bit of alcohol.... then I had major problems with my laptop meaning I could not post it yesterday.
Today I am struggling to understand Windows 8 on DD's laptop and having to call for assistance every 10 seconds "help, it's all gone tiny", "How do I get back to....?" etc. I didn't want to waste my stock taking from yesterday so here it is, just 24 hours later. It's unedited and in all it's Sunday evening glory.

These prompts were borrowed from fellow blogger Marylin at Softthistle (I've just worked out how to put a link into my text - yay, go me!!) (please let me know if it doesn't work btw)

Making: Fruit leather from the billions of apples I have in my porch. Getting bored very quickly with the peeling and coring however L

Cooking: A roast for 7 people. Getting everything ready at the same time is always a bit of a problem but I seem to have opened the cava a little early….

Drinking: A glass of cava…... Well, more than one to be totally honest!

Reading: Hannibal – for about the 15th time. I love this book. (Thinking now I should have put something more cultural??)

Wanting: All the elements of the roast to be ready at the same time. Just to prove I can do it.

Looking: Out of the window at DH cutting wood and filling our woodstore ready for the bad weather.

Playing: Ellie Goulding and Tori Amos alternately. Go girl power!

Wasting: Too much time on Facebook – the downside of having it on my smartphone.

Sewing: After the craft fair I am taking a sewing break. No more tweed hearts for a while.

Wishing: That I could decide which techno type tablet would suit my needs best. So much choice, so little technological knowledge. That and world peace. obviously.

Enjoying: Being in a warm busy kitchen after doing jobs in the garden earlier.

Waiting: For all my dinner guests to arrive – I’m actually feeling sociable (and a little fuzzy)

Liking: The fact Christmas is still exciting and I'm not too jaded with all the rubbish adverts/commercialisation yet.

Wondering: How much sleep I’ll get tonight – damn insomnia!

Loving: The prospect of a new photo prompt. Check out #decembermagic on Instagram.

Hoping: A certain friend gets well soon……

Marvelling: At the fact I have started my Christmas shopping and actually have some idea of what to get people this year.

Needing: Another glass of cava… this blogging lark is thirsty work…hic!

Smelling: Roast chicken and spicy fruit leather.

Wearing: Camo jeans (still think I might be a little old for these) and the biggest snuggliest jumper I own. Also very unfetching slipper socks.

Following: A whole bunch of new blogs – new friends, new links, loving it!

Noticing: The weekend is just not long enough.

Knowing: This week at work will be busy and I need to make sure I don’t overdo it.

Thinking: I really need another glass of cava!!

Feeling: Really inspired with my blog and wishing there was more time to devote to it.

Bookmarking: New blogs, Youtube guides on how to do technical type things and tablet type comparison sites.

Opening: My arms to cuddle stroppy teenagers… whether they like it or not!

Giggling: At the rubbish jokes we are telling each other. A frogs favourite footwear? Open-toad sandles!!

Hooray - now I'm off to dish up some parts of the roast, to turn up the oven on other parts and to refill that glass, just one more time I promise!


  1. Oh this is so funny, love it! The laptop problems weren't a result of the cava, were they? ;-)

  2. Love it! *sends over some more cava* :)
    As for the tablet, I've always used Apple's iPads. So long as you buy insurance with them, you can literally take them into the store and they will replace it there and then. Ah the joys of young boys who like to run while holding expensive objects... ;)

  3. Thank you ladies! I can happily report the laptop issue was in no way related to the Cava - although it might have been responsible for me falling asleep on the sofa shortly after tea and therefore not being particularly sociable :)
    iPad recommendation noted although I think it will be a little outside my price range :(

  4. This was fun to read, Karen! Keep the cava flowing!! (Or at least keep Ellie and Tori playing. Two of my favorites, by the way!!)