Sunday, 12 January 2014

January Blues

So - it's the 12th January already, where did that go? I have spent the past week feeling quite guilty that all the promise and excitement of the New Year has faded into dull routine and some post workday crashing on the sofa and falling asleep by 7pm :(
My body and mind have quite simply said "no, sod off. We do not want to crochet or sew. We do not wish to create artistic photographs or write beautiful words and we most certainly do not desire to begin any of the 101 wonderful ideas that you wrote down for your New Year Inspiration list. Why don't you come back in March and see how we feel then?"

I journalled about it quite extensively on Friday night (before falling asleep!) and decided to start afresh on Saturday and get my arse into gear.
I took some time to get a few pictures of the floods at nearby Radcot and even managed to post a couple on my poor, neglected Instagram page. I completed a couple more crochet squares, that tiny cushion cover is slowly becoming a reality. And I have a couple of new things starting in the next week or so.... more on these as they happen :) I even made it out to a social event last night and to prove that I was on the right track I was heartened to pull this from my fortune cookie "A fresh start will put you on your way" How cool was that!?!

Fields and river become almost one.

Radcot Bridge

The pain of getting up early for a gym session on a Sunday morning was rewarded with some beautiful frosty scenes!

Let's see what the next week brings...... I am already feeling more positive about it!


  1. Bless you, Magpie! I hate Januarys too :(
    The weather, the cold, the grey... *sigh*
    That's why I signed straight up for the January Writing Challenge - to get my butt in gear, and it only takes 10 minutes a day :)
    I've missed a couple, but each new day I get back on the bike... I figure this is the best we can ever do!
    I just love your photos - esp. the frosted ivy!! Too, too beautiful :)
    May each day of this yucky month bring you just enough inspiration to get out of bed and do a wee something creative to chase the blues away... Amen x

    1. Yay to inspiration and creativity to chase away the blues! Am loving your words, you are one very talented lady xxx

  2. Misread your post on FB and thought it said 'inspired by January'.

    And, when I look at your beautiful pictures here, I can only say: You Were!

    I can't tell you how impressed I was by you getting up early on Sunday to go to the Gym, AND having the sense to bring your camera with you.

    I could not even do one of them on Sunday morning...

    1. … or any other morning in January…

      ….and yes, you have to press Preview first, prove you are not a robot, and then press Publish, otherwise the comment will vanish.

  3. or perhaps the comment window was at the bottom of the screen, so I could not see the robot test when hitting 'Publish'?

    1. Thank you for your kind comments and for persevering in the face of technological adversity! :)