Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Today I am 42...

Today I am 42 years old. 42? How? I don't feel 42 - 42 is actual grown up territory, adult, scary!
Do I look 42? I spent some time with my reflection this morning, I can see faint lines, a few grey hairs, skin not quite as bouncy as it once was - but I looked pretty happy nonetheless!

I have been spoilt with presents, tea in bed, hugs and kisses, surprises, lovely messages and kind thoughts. I think I might just burst with joy :)
DD and DS#2 gave me a fab card with an angel reaching up for the stars. She said "Anything is Possible" (she had her knickers tucked into the back of her dress as she said it) and today I feel like it is!

Big confession time (we're all friends now, right?) I spend a great deal of my time feeling not quite good enough - not living up to those ideas and ideals in my head. I worry I have not achieved much, have made lots of mistakes (some of them more than once!). I don't ever quite manage to be who I think I want to be. I am inspired by countless people but the stupid voice in my head says "I wish I had her style, her creativity, his flair, her words...pictures....talent...lifestyle..." blah blah blah.

But TODAY anything is possible - today I am good enough being me. Today I have friends and family who love me for who I am - not perfect but ME! Today I am glad to be alive - to be doing things I like. Today I am going to count my achievements (I may even list them). I'm going to eat cake, have beauty treatments, think positive thoughts and accept all the love with grace and appreciation. Who knows where such a radical change of thinking might take me just for today?
Anything is possible!!!!!

Thank you for bearing with me - normal service will be resumed soon!


  1. Yes! You are so right! It took me getting to the age of 50 before I could finally shake off these nagging voices that I ought to Achieve Something to make my life Worthwhile.


  2. Happy birthday! Sounds like you've had a lovely day! :-D

  3. You have always been good enough for me!

  4. Bless you, dear Magpie, and belated Happy Birthday :)
    42, eh? I mere child compared to lil ole me staring down the barrel of 50 *eeekk*
    May you always feel you are good enough, talented enough, beautiful enough, for truly you are!! And I am deeply touched that my post today is what you needed to hear... please print off whatever you need!
    **big hug**

  5. Me again! Just got this daily quote in my email box, and thought of you (not that you're wrinkly!) :)

  6. I love this post. Why is it so easy for us to see the good in others but not in ourselves? To see the beauty/creativity/etc in them but not in ourselves? For the record, you ARE fabulous. I don't know anyone else who's made their own bloomers and done the can can in them!! Your stories and photos inspire me!


    Wishing you a happy, healthy, inspired and fun 42nd year!

  7. Thank you beautiful friends - your kind words are so appreciated, truly! xxx