Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Lights, Camera...Action!

I mentioned in my last post about the acting aspirations of DD and myself... well, we had the most fantastic time last Sunday on an actual film set!

I am on the mailing list for St Barts Pathology Museum in London (bear with me, it does relate to the story!) My lovely friend Kathy and I are booked to go on a taxidermy course here very soon (watch out for THAT blog!!). A very exciting mailing came out asking for extras for a film being made there and so, as New Years Resolution #4 was 'try new things', I thought I'd apply!

I managed to talk DD into it too... and so, last Sunday we found ourselves in full Steampunk costume heading towards the big smoke.
Saturday night was spent making costumes...introducing my steampunk/pathology hat. And yes, it's a real bird skull!
We arose early, 5am is not right for a Sunday, but made good time to London and arrived early for the 9.30am call. We were ushered into make up - well, deshine powder - which made us feel very superstar! I was tempted to demand my own trailer but settled for a digestive!
The Pathology Museum was an amazing place. Now those of you who know me will know that I quite like 'weird', in fact 'weird' is my middle name (after Strange and Unusual) but it was weird even for me. A beautiful room filled with thousands of specimens in formaldhyde. Some of them were recognisable, some of them you could only guess at and EVERY body part was there (yes, even a few penises/penii?) tee hee hee..

Three floors of weird!
I didn't photograph a penis, I'm not that childish!
As extras we got to take part in a ballroom scene. I got to dance with two of the main characters, the Seducer and the Husband.... Well, how could I refuse? Both gentlemen were lovely and I am happy to report I didn't stand on any toes! I'm assuming it was my outstanding hat that won me this honour, they had no prior knowledge of my dancing expertise! The bonus was that I appeared in any close up shots and so had to do at least twice as much work as DD. This was thrilling except I chose the wrong shoes for such long hours..but, professional to the last I carried on despite aching toes.
Resting between takes (it's a technical term)
The cast and crew were fabulous and really supportive of us newbies, we had a fabulous day although Monday passed in a blur of tiredness.
The 'extras' - doing shock!
Huge thanks to everyone involved in making our day such fun, and do check out the website for more information!
There is also a Facebook page - Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald - Will keep you posted on when we take to the red carpet for the opening night! ;-D

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