Saturday, 6 July 2013

It's all in the detail.....

It's Saturday. The sun is shining. I have absolutely nothing I have to do. (there's plenty I should be doing, but nothing that can't wait!)

Doing absolutely nothing! Blissful :-)

Last post I wrote about my Gratitude Lists and I have been continuing to list 5 things every day that I am grateful for. Working in such a beautiful place has allowed me to add some amazing nature moments - slo worm watching, newly fledged green woodpeckers, great crested newts (not all at the same time!!). I have also added the obligatory culinary delights (raspberries from my garden) and even the odd social interaction - just proving I am not a total hermit!
Doing this has made me think about all those tiny beautiful things that happen each day that can easily pass by if we don't stop and take note.

I have tried really hard to do more photography this week too. Since Unravelling stopped I have found it difficult to have a subject on what to focus (see what I did there). One of the ladies from our post-unravel group suggested the title "two".... so simple and yet such a huge word!! However, it has got the old brain ticking and has encouraged me to get the camera out!
A few years ago I read an article in a magazine about someone who used photographs of hands in the same way others photograph facial portraits. (I didn't think to note the name of the artist). They had a fantastic selection of hand portraits - each sitter posing with an item which said something about them or their lives/hobbies. The article really struck me and has stayed with me and so - for "two" I thought it time to have a go.

DH and his customary grease and spanner!
DS#2 chose his bow as the X-Box lead wasn't long enough to reach outside!

Journaling has continued apace. Apart from the 'serious' writing and note taking I have been creative too. I have big plans for the extension and reorganisation of my shed into a 1950's inspired place of beauty. So, the creative journal is now bulging with inspirational pictures and DH is reeling from a mile long detailed to-do list. As I said, it's all in the detail!!

Journaling, reading and drinking tea!

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