Thursday, 27 June 2013

Waistcoats and writing

I am pleased to say that 'Manic Month' at work is now drawing to a close. We have been so busy with festivals and school groups that there hasn't been a minute to draw breath! This is wonderful and has been great fun but I am now needing some relaxation.... I have a day of shooting planned this weekend (yes, I know how odd that sounds in the same sentence as relaxation) and a days holiday next week which I plan to spend taking photographs and pretty much not a lot else.

Out of work the highlight has to have been Prom Night. DS#1 looked most handsome - he scrubbed up pretty well. I finally finished the waistcoat and bowtie (still sewing it the night before!!) and I was
more than happy with them. We managed to tie the bowtie too... thanks Mr Youtube Man.
He doesn't look too bad!

I made this!

He met up with a group of friends and they all went off on a vintage bus. They all looked awesome.
Inside the bus it was all bunting and Muse!

The sewing bug has continued and I have made a couple of storage bags and some curtains for the kitchen. Next project is a 1950's style dress from Clothkits. It's all ready to go!

I have been continuing with my Journaling. I am almost evangelical about how useful and enlightening it is proving. It also gives me more reasons to buy lovely stationery (not stationary). My creative journal is allowing me to indulge in pretty 'stuff'... finally I know why I have been stockpiling every magazine published since 2008.... cutting and sticking! Yay!
The Journaling prompts are still throwing up some difficult things to think about. I have started facing up to some of my not so pretty bits but also have had the opportunity to reflect that considering everything I haven't done too badly! (no raised eyebrows at the back, thank you!)
I have been writing a list of 5 things each day that I am grateful for... this has been hard on some days but it does show that no matter how crap you think your day has been, there are some shiny moments! Even if they do involve chocolate.. or shoes... or small animal shaped erasers!

Today I am grateful for:
  1. The opportunity to work with some fab people.
  2. A quiet evening to catch up on reading, writing and blogging.
  3. Hearing from people I care about.
  4. Spam sandwiches (most welcome during a busy WW2 school session).
  5. My bed.... it is beckoning!
What are you grateful for today?


  1. Yesterday, today and tomorrow : I am thankful to have my 2 wonderful children, their partners and my cute grand son + the baby to come in December ...
    Today, I am grateful to have been able to book my trip to New England to see my friends on the other side of the pond ...
    Today, also grateful to have had (up to now) nice persons staying in my B&B...

  2. :-) Thank you for sharing x

    Yesterday must have been a good one for me, I could have listed more than 5 things! And that was without mentioning cake....