Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Instameet - London and meeting new friends!

Last Sunday I did something new and exciting and I enjoyed it so much I might do it again!!

Xanthe Berkeley www.xantheberkely.com organised an Instameet in London. This is basically where a bunch of people get together, go on a walk and take lots of photographs. I had seen the meet advertised by Susannah Conway www.susannahconway.com and thought it sounded like fun but London is a BIG adventure for a little village girl like me, especially meeting up with people I didn't know... but hey, I remembered back in January that I vowed to try new things. So, Sunday saw me off to the city on my own with maps and supplies, iPhone and a Polaroid which I wasn't sure that worked (DS#1 had confessed to dropping it on the floor as I was leaving).

The Polaroid did work!

We met outside Moorgate Tube - I was there mega early and almost chickened out at this point, but then met lovely Elle and her dog Noodles. Others joined the group and Xanthe was super welcoming. The plan was to explore the Barbican area, taking our time, then finishing at a cafe before heading our seperate ways.

The 'Foot' shot.

We were also joined by Susannah Conway which I was thrilled about! It was like meeting a hero - I didn't know whether to chat to her or whether I'd just repeat my 'Nik Kershaw moment' where I said something really embarassing to him in a panic. She was wonderful though, really friendly and chatty.


Freaky gold person at The Barbican.

Anyway, the tour was fun, I didn't realise I'd been so close to this bit of London when we did St Barts. We also checked out Smithfield Meat Market and some interesting smelling alleyways! All the people I met were great - some fabulous photographs were taken and I am definately going to be brave and do it next time!

More feet and shadows.
I did speak to Susannah at the end - telling her how much I'd enjoyed her courses and how much they'd helped me. Don't think I was too stalkerey or weird.... at least, I haven't had security called on me this time! ;-) (sorry Nik)


  1. Yay for being brave. (I know the feeling!) Great to meet you on Sunday. Hope to see you at the next one!


  2. Hey Donna,
    It was good to meet you too!Brave is good - and the feeling hasn't worn off yet! :-)
    Here's to the next meet x

  3. This sounds fun! I wish there were events like this in my little corner of the US. Next time I'm in London I will be sure to check and see if any meet ups are in the works. Well done trying something new and scary! I made a similar vow for myself this year, and it can be hard to put yourself out there. Cool photos as well!

  4. Hi Kristen,
    Thank you for your kind comments!
    New and scary things can be great fun... what sort of things have you done?

    1. My big risk was starting a blog on my 35th birthday this past May! It's hard to open up and share, isn't it?! I am also going to my first blogger meet-up this week. One of the reason's I started the blog was to connect with other creative people, and I am a bit nervous! Your Instameet story makes me want to be brave and go! Thanks.