Tuesday, 20 August 2013

More pictures

Can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this August Break project. Simple words that have you thinking and coming up with some inspiration. I've discovered the downside to Instagram is the huge range of properly fab pictures that make me think mine are actually pretty crap but I am thinking positive and learning through looking at how they have composed them or arranged things and hopefully this will rub off! This isn't a fish for compliments btw.....

So - Day 14 'Stillness'
Buddha really could do with a polish - but it did make the reflected light nice and soft!

Day 15 'Books'
This is the pile at the side of my bed. I am guilty of having about 6 books on the go at once. Makes following plot lines a little interesting but then I do have a sort attention span (apparently)

Day 16 'Floral'
My sunflowers in my garden!

Day 17 'Touch'
I had all sorts of fluffyness in mind for this project but then spied the poor forgotten cactus at the top of my stairs. We calculated it must be about 35 years old or more and has survived my 'brown fingers'. I usually kill any houseplant within 3 weeks. Clearly this fellow thrives on neglect!

Day 18 'Looking Down'
A shot from the Instameet (see next post), taken somewhere in London!

Day 19 'White'
 I can't tell you how I took my life in my hands to get this shot! DS#1 was lookout (There's a car coming!!) whilst I knelt in the road. I wanted a straight line into the distance but this was the bst I could do.

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