Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Our Big Adventure - Part 2

Blighty Bazaar - I could have lived here quite happily :)

I had done a little bit of homework around shopping opportunities in Leamington before we left. It would have been remiss of me not to! And it was from such homework that I discovered the joy that is Blighty Bazaar.

This establishment is vintage heaven – lots of different sellers in one glorious place offering everything from clothing to kitchenware, books to furniture. They have a cafĂ© and even a beauty parlour where you can be vintagely beautified J

Weirdly we had ended up parking really close by and so I didn’t have too far to struggle with my new purchases. We found a lush Thermos giant flask thing for future vintage picnics. I also discovered a whole bunch of early 1900’s Christmas cards which will fit nicely with my love of old postcards. They are truly things of beauty, each one a work of art in its own right.

Christmas cards from c1910

I was also thrilled to find a 1940’s Ponds Face Powder pack complete with remaining powder (though not my colour!) and a similarly aged cigarette packet – all good stuff for my WW2 alter ego, the wonderful Peggy!

I was very taken with a vintage Sunbeam Mix Master food mixer dating from the late 1940's/early 1950's but being a sensible sort I decided I didn't really need it, didn't have space and couldn't be sure it actually worked as it still had a very dodgy looking flex and very antique looking plug! However, the Sunbeam then decided to dance around my head all night suggesting that I DID need it, I COULD find room and DH had mentioned that he could easily replace the flex and plug and probably fix anything that might be wrong with it . Apparently they don’t build ‘em like they used to! So, Sunday morning saw me grovelling and begging to go back to BB in case they still had the Sunbeam. You’ll be relieved to know the story had a happy ending – it was still there, DH managed to replace the flex and it works! If I don’t manage to find room for it then the weight of it will ensure it has a place as a doorstop or burglar deterrent. “Excuse me Mr Burglar, could you just stand there for ½ hour while I manhandle this weighty piece of kitchen equipment over to bash you on the head? In fact could you kneel down as it’s too heavy to raise above head height!”

The Sunbeam in all its glory - bring on the scone making!

My other star find was in the Oxfam bookshop. They had a whole basket full of The War Illustrated Magazine from WW2. I couldn’t buy the whole lot so I picked a few choice ones from the early days of the war. It’s a cracking read with lots of stories of brave British exploits and dastardly jerries doing all manner of unsporting things. There’s an amazing section entitled Odd Facts About the War. I never knew that penguins from London Zoo were ‘fobbed off’ with pieces of meat doused in cod liver oil! Presumably later in the war the lions were similarly fobbed off with penguins doused in Bovril!

Read all about it.... penguins get fed!!

My new purchases have now been lovingly installed at home – all except the Sunbeam which is currently living on the floor and proving to be a toe related Health and Safety issue :)

One happy girlie!

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