Sunday, 9 March 2014

The Power of Positive Thinking

Pussy Willow and Blue Skies.

What a beautiful weekend. The glorious weather seems to have lifted everyone’s spirits and I have definitely seen a new enthusiasm especially in the garden. But more of that later. I’ll get my confessional moan out of the way first :)

This last week has been a challenge for me in lots of ways. It has got me thinking about the kind of thoughts I have and how they impact on the way I feel. I have actually had a fantastic week at work – done things that have put me outside my comfort zone and been thrilled with the results. I have run training on my own, organised team days, led meetings and started all manner of new projects. Outside of work I even managed a lovely night out with DH, a meal and trip to the cinema. BUT.... I did make one mistake. Admittedly it was a fairly big one but it was dealt with and sorted and I owned up and made good. So, why did this one thing overshadow the rest of all the good stuff that happened this week? I have had to actually force myself to recognise all the positives and yet still this one negative kept jumping up and waving its little arms, shouting  “don’t’ forget the stuff up! Don’t forget the mistake you made!” This has had a huge impact on everything else. I have felt bad, eaten too much, didn’t make the effort to go to the gym, watched too much TV and generally wallowed in self pity.

Blossom in the garden.

So this morning I decided enough was enough. I was up early, at the gym for opening time then came home via the allotment so I could admire the work that DH did there yesterday while I wallowed. Hooray for rotavators! Once home I did a few yoga stretches to clear my mind (note to self, do not do this in the same room as a teenager watching Pewdie Pie videos) and gave myself a stern talking to. I then vowed to spend the day doing nourishing and positive things. DH and I went for a long walk across the fields to check how our beehives have fared overwinter. There honestly is nothing like nature to put you in a better frame of mind. All the budding leaves and wildlife. We saw butterflies, bugs, herons, buzzards, rabbits, so many things. And to make it even better it would appear that two hives still have signs of bees. This was totally unexpected as we thought we had lost them all. We won’t peek inside just yet but the signs are good! Later we will make our lists of seeds for the allotment and garden. I love this part of the year, all the promise of good things to come :)

At last - some dry weather!

Busy little bees - not that you can see them here!

To finish off the day I have a meal with the whole family planned and then I am going to settle down with a glass of something nice and lose myself in the world of Mr Selfridge for a hour. After that? Bed and positive thoughts of all the good things I have to be grateful for. And “meh” to the odd mistakes that I might make along the way.....


  1. Oh, you have bees! How wonderful!

  2. Yes! Time will tell how many and how well the colonies have survived overwinter :) We have been keeping bees for about 4 years now, we don't get much honey but it's enough to keep us going!

  3. I can empathize as I do this, too, at times - allow one mistake or "failure" to overshadow all the good things. I think we're taught to always focus on the negative or what needs to be fixed. It's a good pattern to release and unlearn. Great blog!