Monday, 17 March 2014

Our Big Adventure - Part One

We are quite amused

This weekend, DH and I had a rare weekend away which we spent in Royal Leamington Spa. We enjoyed glorious weather and had a most excellent time J

Highlights of the trip included a proper afternoon tea at a vintage tea room called ’Vinteas’. Each table had mismatched cups and saucers and side plates with lovely cutlery (and flatware!!). We ordered the works, and they arrived piled high on a beautiful cake stand. Assorted finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream (cream first or jam?), mini pork pies and scotch eggs and a selection of cake to choose from. Along with this we had real loose leaf tea in a vintage teapot. I felt I really should have dressed more appropriately for the occasion! We left there clutching bags filled with the goodies we just couldn't eat, a packet of loose leaf tea and the inspiration to recreate afternoon tea at home.
Some of the delicious goodies for afternoon tea.

Jephson Gardens were another true delight. The Spring weather was certainly having an effect and everything was blooming and blossoming –even the squirrels! These gardens are named for Dr Henry Jephson who was a leading light in promoting health benefits in Leamington in the 1800’s. They have been recently restored and include some wonderful wood carvings, a hothouse of tropical plants and lovely opportunities to walk and enjoy some peace and tranquillity.

A detail of one of the plants in the hothouse - no idea what it is and I forgot to write it down!

We stayed at a Best Western hotel – I often wonder why they don’t make more of an effort to go with the whole ‘Western’ theme, such a missed opportunity! Instead, this one went for ‘delusions of grandeur’ which I think they captured most beautifully. I have never seen so many chandeliers and overly ornate furniture. Our bedroom had a specially nice view of a blank wall but if you really stretched you could just glimpse a rat bait box! But it was comfortable, clean and the staff were polite.

The shops in Leamington were everything that I had been promised – a huge variety of independent shops alongside the big town regulars. There were plenty of charity shops and some stunning vintage treats too. I managed to score some real bargains – but more of those in Part 2.

Architecture and sunshine :)

On Sunday morning we took another walk around the Gardens and further into the old town to look at the impressive architecture. You can see where the old railway bridge used to be and above the slightly shabby shops you can still see the impressive carvings and details from when the spa town was in its heyday. We visited All Saints Church which dates from 1843. A Sunday service was taking place so we did not venture inside but outside was breath-taking enough! We didn't linger too long, the bells were very loud!!

All Saints Church - the bells are getting louder...

We left Leamington and headed off to visit Kenilworth Castle – covered in Part 3 – before gently heading towards home and back to reality. It was just the break I needed and I am going to do my best to take this nice relaxed feeling right into the frantic pace of being back at work….. I’ll let you know how that works out!


  1. What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful weekend...

  2. Thank you! It was indeed a wonderful weekend :)