Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Food Glorious Food - #BEDN Day Three

Ok so I know this doesn't strictly show food but I was on a picnic and this was my Ribena bottle, honest!

I thought I might go for a more retro theme for today’s prompt, some things I remember about food and my childhood.

As a child of the Seventies, the vast majority of meals were home cooked from scratch. One meal my Mum used to make was what we christened ‘Fishy Eggy Cheesy Thing’, white fish with hard boiled eggs covered in cheese sauce and served with rice. I have made it for my own children and they lovingly christened it ‘Fishy Eggy Manky Thing’. Guess it wasn’t a favourite!

 We rarely had take-aways and so I remember these being a huge treat. Usually Chinese and usually undertaken with ‘skilful’ use of chopsticks!

As we lived close to the Primary School, my brothers and I would walk home for lunch – sandwiches or spaghetti hoops and toast, scoffed down whilst watching ‘Tickle on the Tum’ or ‘Let’s Pretend’. If there was a school trip coming up then we would get a special packed lunch with the ultimate treat of a Mr Kipling Apple Pie. I still love these as they bring back such happy memories (even though I know how full of fake stuff they are).

We had a fabulous newsagents up the street, Mr and Mrs Horne displayed a proper range of sweets, all in the jars with the little paper bags. You could get a pretty full bag for 10p (gosh I feel old now) and my favourites included Black Jacks, Hubba Bubba and those very un-PC chocolate cigarettes. If I could stretch my pocket money to a whole packet then I would choose Spangles and Pacers. Visits to my Nandad always included a trip to his local shop in Frieth for sweets too. They had some great chocolate mice :)

I don’t remember having fizzy drinks that often – I do remember the excitement of getting the special Christmas order form from our village milkman where you could order such delights as Cream Soda and Dandelion and Burdock, to be hidden away until the big day. There was often a sugar mouse in our stockings for Christmas, a tradition I keep up with my own children. I do remember one year getting a sugar pig which was quite large. I sat and ate most of it whilst watching an On The Buses special and felt very ill indeed.

It’s quite amazing the memories that thinking about food has brought back – I wonder what things my kids will think back on and remember?

PS if any of you three are reading this, don’t even mention my burnt jacket potatoes thank you!

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  1. Oooh spaghetti hoops on toast... I haven't had that in ages! Might have to indulge for lunch tomorrow! ;)