Monday, 2 November 2015

'I Don't Mind Mondays' #BEDN Day Two

Monday, Monday, Monday – Can I be controversial and say that, as a rule, I don’t mind Mondays. Yes, it means the end to the weekend and a few days of following a more rigid routine. Early mornings (5.15am anyone?) and the daily chore of deciding what my stomach might fancy for lunch when it really doesn't want to be thinking that far ahead.

But, Monday also means a new start, new challenges and new opportunities. I am lucky that most of the time I love my job, I work with some fab people and get to do some quite un-mundane things! 

Mondays also give me the opportunity to begin my day and my new week with some journaling and using one of my sets of cards to pull out a thought or guide or helpful tip to meditate upon for the week ahead. I do try to journal most mornings over my cup of tea but Mondays somehow seem important to set the tone for the coming days.

Now if I’d been more organised I would have sorted out an arty shot this morning to accompany this piece. But I wasn’t, so I haven’t and so you’ll have to make do with an old shot!

 I have looked ahead to the prompt for tomorrow though – oh dear, it’s food related and it’s a miracle if anything I cook looks edible let alone photogenic. Maybe a trip to a beautiful shop window is in order?


  1. I like Mondays too all in all! A fresh start, a clean slate, and time to get things in order for the week ahead! Plus there's the freedom from Very Loud Children for a few hours. ;)
    My food related post is about why I'll never be a veggie...

  2. I look forward to reading that! :)