Sunday, 9 June 2013

Roll out the red carpet!

It has been a whirl of activity this week..... work has been crazy busy as we got ready to host the very first Ffennell Festival. Ffennell is the name of the chap who owed the Hill End site - leaving it for the further enjoyment of young people. It is nothing to do with the vegetable! Though Ffennell soup could have been on offer maybe?

The Friday was a chance for Primary schools from Oxfordshire to come along and join in with loads of activities on offer. I was on the World War 2 experience 'bit'... meaning I got to dress up as Peggy the Landgirl once more.
Saturday we were open to Joe Public. I got to pose about by our 1928 Austin 12/4 and frighten people off trying on the gas masks! The magnetic mine proved a draw (see what I did there?) and I had an interesting conversation with a military archaeologist who promised to send us some more military goodies (most of which I had no idea what he was talking about but it all sounded most exciting!)

If it wasn't for the mini's in the background we could almost be in the 1940's!

 The other highlight of the week was...tadaa.... the premiere of Sherlock Holmes and the Stolen Emerald. This was the short film that DD and I were extras in earlier this year.
We travelled to the Genesis Cinema in Whitechapel dressed in our finest premiere going outfits. (we seemed a tad overdressed for Whitechapel Nando's but hey!) The cinema is beautiful - the site goes back to the 1870's as the Paragon Theatre - seeing such stars as Charlie Chaplin appearing there.

My iPhone couldn't really capture the grandeur of the place :-(
One of the amazing costumes from the film.
The evening was brilliant. Apart from the all important viewing of the finished film (which was fabulous) there was question and answer sessions from the lovely Celine Terranova the director and other cast and crew plus assorted Sherlock aficionados. We also heard from Carla who curates at St Barts Pathology Museum, a  really funny talk.
DD and I left before the shmoozing got underway as it was a LONG journey home and I had to be back at work for 7am... oh the life of a lovey! Should you want us, please contact us through our agent :-D

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