Sunday, 16 June 2013

Trying not to overthink it!

Phew.... can't believe it's Sunday night again - where did the weekend go?
I had another super busy week at work, two WW2 days plus other school groups and training and catching up in the office.
I started my Journaling course too this week - this is a follow on from the Unravelling course where we explored the idea of keeping a journal. I found this quite a useful tool and so am learning some more techniques. Step one discussed privacy... Hmmm... not that I'm putting any deep secrets in there (yet) but if anyone found it they would know for sure what a mental basketcase I really am :-D
My big discovery of the week has been not to overthink things too much - text messages - conversations - times when I've made a COMPLETE idiot of myself (Kathy, if you're reading this we need to talk!!!) I need to stop analysing everything!

In other news I have been continuing with photography themes - this week flowers!

One of my lovely Unravelling friends, Louise, has been trying to give me some tips. I am trying to learn!

I have been busy with the sewing machine too this week. DS#1 has his prom next Friday - how exciting - the suit has been bought, along with new shoes and belt. He decided he wanted a bowtie and waistcoat which we have tried to theme with his girlfriends dress. It has been a most pressured project, my first from the Great British Sewing Bee book. I still have to tackle the buttonholes, oh dread :-( but so far I am pleased with the results. Tying the bowtie, however, is another thing! Many Youtube viewings later and I know roughly HOW it's done but cannot get it to look as neat..
Still, nearly a week to practice! I'll just try my best not to overthink it too much!


  1. It was my pleasure to share the few things I know about photography ...