Sunday, 2 June 2013

Shiver me timbers!

Unravelling is done :-( well, in reality the process has only just started but the course is officially over! Some of us plan to keep in touch and keep suggesting new projects to try which will be great. 
I have been embracing the new unstressed me-I have rediscovered my interest in yoga tho I have had to admit that the 40 plus me is nowhere near as bendy as the 20 year old me! Still, small steps and I'm already feeling the changes! I tried to embrace herbal tea but still cannot find one that doesn't taste like cat wee! Any suggestions gratefully received :-) 
I've had another trip to the seaside, Weston super Mud this time. In the rain. It was possibly the wettest day ever. I took DD and DS#1. We sat in a cafe looking out of a birdpoo smeared window at some miserable donkeys on the beach whilst drinking hot chocolate! But it was a great day! 
The children said they enjoyed it anyway! 

More sea related shenanigans were had with my evening at the opera. Opera Anywhere performed Pirates of Penzance at Blackwells bookshop in Oxford and I was lucky enough to go! It was awesome! I've never seen live opera before and loved every minute of it. To top it off, my lovely friend Jackie works at Blackwells and so I got a guided tour too! Even saw the roof garden with some spectacular views! 
I feel this is a brief lull before the chaos begins next week, we have a huge festival at work which will mean all hands to the pump. It's also the launch of the film that DD and I were in... We're off to London for a gala premiere! Watch this space! 

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  1. I once had a cup of cat wee that tasted exactly like herbal tea! :-)