Saturday, 12 January 2013

Chin chin....

I love gin..... I love Hendricks gin in particular! Last night I went out for a girlie drink with my friend Helen at the Plough at Clanfield... I drank gin!
The Plough has a vast collection of different gins, I was disappointed to note I had tried only 4 out of the 9 million they had on display but this poor record must surely be seen as a challenge to me and my liver.

Hendricks also produce some lovely china. They certainly know how to combine a few of my favourite things :-) The Plough had a beautiful tea set on display. Sadly it was under the watchful eye of the chap at the bar.... I'm sure they must get lots of gin soaked yummy mummies in there attempting to smuggle the tea set out in their designer handbags! I'll take my Primark carrier bag in next time, they'll never suspect a thing!

Hendricks have a fab website too, where you can enter their Curiositorium! You will find all manner of gin related stuff including some great recipes...

I bought the latest issue of 'Pretty Nostalgic' yesterday. This is more of a book than a magazine, full of lush photographs, vintage collectors and crafters and inspiration. There were several articles that caught my eye this time, one on vintage cameras, 1940's fashion, dolls houses and an interesting piece on lists... I totally understand the power of a list, I have notebooks full of them! Shopping lists, to do lists, house related lists, packing, sorting, remember to take etc. I always like to start a list with at least one thing I have already done/packed/tidied/bought. It's a psychological thing I guess, finish the list and cross something off straight away! Even if the rest of the list gets abandoned I can never have completely failed! Apparently some people collect lists as a sort of historical record. Their own lists that is....

I wonder if anyone has ever collected abandoned shopping lists from trolleys? Maybe I could start?


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