Monday, 7 January 2013

Owl always love these gloves (ouch..)

My beautiful friend Kathy has an lovely Mummy... she kindly knitted me a pair of Owl Gloves as featured on the cover of issue 21 of Mollie Makes magazine!... Now I love a good craft magazine, my bank statement is witness to this and I am easily swayed by a free gift on the cover. Mollie Makes is a wonderful read, full of fabulously talented people who all seem to live in spacious apartments and spend their days in a creative whirl. I like to buy the magazine, read it, get inspired and then fail miserably to recreate anything I have seen. Esecially when it come to knitting. I can do knit and purl if I concentrate hard. I can also cast on and off. I cannot increase or decrease unless by accident (I started this row with 25 stitches, I now have 27, how the hell did that happen?) I did make a hat once. It was too small.
So I was thrilled that Mummy Kathy stepped in to make me these for me. Mine would have looked nothing like the cover..... I shall not offer to knit her a thank you gift :-)

Other news today, my Polaroid book arrived today. It is called Instant Love by Susannah Conway and it looks like it will be an interesting and useful read. I will rate it on it's ability to aid me in taking pictures I am happy to share here with you!

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