Monday, 14 January 2013

New beautiful things!

It was a chilly sort of a weekend. This was a good excuse for log fires and woolly jumpers, blanket and hot drinks. Then I got a bit too hot...
However, Saturday did provide a chance to peruse a local charity shop. This one is a favourite, a village community shop run (mostly) by lovely old ladies who think 50p is a steep price to pay for most items!

I bought myself a fake oil painting (I like the frame and can think of a hundred things I'll never do with it) some old maps - 20p each, bargain! I'm not sure if these will form the basis for some vintage map bunting or wall coverings or if I can use them to explore the areas to see how many roads have changed since the 1940's. In the meantime they will provide amusement in the form of funny place name spotting!
The lacy hankies are delicate and look as though they should never be dirtied with nose blowing. I picked out some plain ones but when I got home I found I had also picked up one embroidered with an 'E'. I'm thinking of changing my name to Edith to make full use of this and the old suitcase I bought previously labelled 'E Sutton'.

My star find was a very old piece of embroidery in an equally vintage frame. It's very fine work and I would love to know more about it!

Other news, I finally finished framing my jays wings. These were given to me years and years ago by my Grandad....yeah, I know other children get dolls and trains.... but these are fabulous and I've kept them safely knowing one day I would do something with them. I found the frame at a charity shop and here they are.....


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