Friday, 4 January 2013

Shake, sh shake it!

How do you concentrate at work when you get a text saying "you have had two parcels arrive at home!"? A long afternoon followed (longer than normal for a Friday which always seem to drag....) Anyhow, some hours later, at home and unwrapping my new vintage Polaroid camera fresh from Ebay... the second parcel contained a box of film for aforementioned camera and an arty Polaroid book, how exciting!

Sadly the second parcel did not contain the instructional and inspirational book I had also ordered and so I have decided to refrain from leaping in and wasting the (very) expensive film until I have some idea of what I am doing! What a novel concept....

Still, I am all poised to uphold number three in my New Years Resolutions (2013) "Take more photographs of lovely and interesting things". This shall not include offerings such as my drunken and badly captioned picture on Facebook on Christmas Day entitled 'dozing husband with 1960's Christmas angel balanced on head'. Although, on reflection compared to some of the art in my new Polaroid book I could be onto something big!

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