Sunday, 6 January 2013

(Watching someone else) Dig for Victory!

What a fun weekend! Baking rock cakes, entertaining, moving books from shelf to shelf (and back), resisting the temptation to use the Polaroid before instruction book, giving in and using the Polaroid, feeling guilty cos it was a rubbish photo etc etc.. barely time for a girl to breathe!

We did spend some of the time getting to grips with the allotment. We have begun to mark out and edge the plots, we dug up last seasons potatoes and carrots and generally tidied up.
Well, actually this is a bit of a fib... what I did was watch the hard work whilst swanning about complaining that the wind was ruining my hair, that I didn't want to get mud on my tweeds and that I was now quite cold, is it time to go home? In all fairness I did make cups of tea and do a touch of girly pruning of the raspberries!

You can't see the hard work on the raspberry canes from here :-(

Earl Grey anyone??

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